Friday, August 22, 2008

Karma Sucks!

Yesterday I've purchased a laptop after a long deliberation about the computer I need. Today, after even longer deliberation, I realized that I don't need a laptop. I have decided to return the one I purchased.

The store(store A) that I purchased it from is located at a location not very convenient for my daily drive. I called to the store(store B) that is closer to me. Much to my surprize they have an "older" system, and can not process the return.

I called A asking them, "What The Hell?" They tell me that B should not have a problem. Called B they said they can't do a full refund only store credit. I call A again asking, "WHAT THE HELL!" Couple more times back and forth, A told me that they will talk to B themselves and figure it out.

Here comes the Karma part.

My plans for the evening suddenly turned out, that I will make it to the A for a return.

I think I'll send my wife :)

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