Friday, August 1, 2008

Advanced presentation techniques.

Yesterday was one of the more interesting sessions in the class.

The assignment was

  • Take a topic that you feel strongly about

  • Prepare a 4 minute presentation, proving you point of view on the topic

  • Twist: decide with your partner, which point of view is more important, and present the opposite point

There are not that many topics that I feel strongly about. Global Warming is one, but I’ve milked that one dry already.

We've settled on Violence on TV and Video Games topic. Again, I don't feel strongly about it, I believe that it's parents’ responsibility to control what children see, but that's about it.

My partner had more or less the same stance. We've decided to play on the stereotype that me being a man I would not be against violence on TV and she would be. We switched.

I got compliments on my part, making it very believable, yelling several times. Although in my opinion I completely screwed up the closing.

Oh well, we'll see. I think overall we were the most memorable presentation of the night.

Interesting enough, people who give presentations to hundreds of strangers, are very uptight in front of the class. We've been trying to figure it out for four weeks now.

I think the cause is the immediate verbal feedback we get right after we present in class. It's not diluted among a throng of people.


A first for me. I used a spelling and grammar checker before posting.


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