Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not another youtube post! YES!

My little one is very particular about the lullibuys we sing to her at night. My wife has been forced to sing the same song over and over for four years now. I was able to sneak-in THREE, which I alternate depending on nothing.

I was trying to sneak-in two more recently, without any success.

1. This is a beautiful song with lyrics written by late poet Anri Volohonskijin. And the music attributed to Vladimir Vavilov. It was first sung for the first time by Aleksej Hvostenko, and latger this song was made extremely popular by Boris Grebenshikov in the movie ASSA. Since then, this song is associated with him.

This was the first lullibuy I sang to my girl, when she was like 1 month old.

2. This is a song by the the rock-band Chaif from the The Real World album. The song is called Somebody Clever and Big.

3. Now, my goal is to educate my girl on all types of music, and here come american songs. This one she loves. I don't know who is originator of the song, but always loved Elvis's version. BTW couldn't find a clip of this, live versions don't appeal to me as much.

I wanted to sneak some Righteous Brothers in there at somepoint, but it didn't fly with her.


Jason said...

My mom is a huge Elvis fan, so I grew up on "Can't Help Falling in Love" too. Great song. I think Elvis was the first to record it, although lots of artists have since covered it. I also like the version by UB40 that came out sometime in the '80s.

Kisintin said...

I know the UB40 version you speak of. Good cover, but I am not a big fan of reggae :)