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Crazy ideas - UPDATED

Here's a crazy survey I thought off.

If you had a time machine where would you travel first? Assuming the fact of course of universal invincibility.


As my brother mentioned, with time travel universally available getting rich schemes would be less than doable.

My aim is more towards investigating great mysteries of history. Therefore:

a. To the Big Bang
b. To see an asteroid killing dinosaurs
c. To see the exodus of Jews as it really happened
d. Try to see if Jesus hubbub really happened
e. Forget the past, I'd go to the year 2020 to see who winds World Series and place a bet accordingly.
f. Suggested by Ilya. Back a day or to to purchase winning lottery ticket.
e. Try to see if Atlantis existed.
f. Travel to the future to see the explosion of our Sun.

I am torn between the dinosaurs and the World Series. Please suggest the choices. Should I add Buddha and Muhammed to the list as well? From the curiousity stand-point.

I still rather see the dinosaurs.


Ilya said…
Brilliant, Kostyan! I think I'm not even going to write a blog today, but rather expropriate this as a sort of meme.

A simple choice than (e) would be several days back to buy the winning lottery ticket.

Surprisingly to me, after (e), my biggest interest would be in (d) - because those events tend to have a disproportional direct effect on the nowadays society compared to all others.
Ilya said…
I suppose Buddha is comparatively marginal in today's world, stacked against Christianity and Islam. Somehow, I have no interest in looking into Muhammad, though.
Mark said…
I think my first order of business would be to travel back in time and photograph the 7 great wonders of the world. Imagine the Colossus of Rhodes or the Lighthouse of Alexandria which supposedly was so bright it could burn ships out at sea.

I would also visit (and photograph) many of the things lost to modern man.. did you know the Last Supper started decaying less than 1 year after it was painted and was over-painted by a slew of hacks afterward, imagine a hi-res photo of it when it was still fresh. To go back and visit the great library in Alexandria and bring some of that lost information to light..
Mark, Welcome.

That's AN AWESOME idea. I haven't thought of that.

Having a photographs of the wonders before they were destroyed would be awesome.

It actually would be great if there was a nice compilation of things to see in the past.

Let the meme grow.

I also thought that i would be amazing to skim through time and see if Atlantis really existed.
mattw said…
Go to Roanoke in WV and see why/how all the settlers disappeared.

Go to a known Bermuda triangle event to find out what really happened.

How about something closer to home?

See if L H Oswald really killed JFK and check if Jimmy Hoffa is really buried under the Giants stadium goal posts.
vince said…
This is a great idea! I need to think on this a do a post on it.
Mark said…
I like the idea of solving some of the great mysteries, but only for myself. I don't think I would report on them..the world needs mysteries, if only for the sense of wonder and fascination. Learn EXACTLY what happened to JFK and suddenly it becomes just another dusty footnote in history.
But it would become YOUR footnote :)

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